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Item #TitleBidsCur.BidTime Left
174067289622 Vintage Stanley No. 271 router plane in original box . 0 GBP 28.0 2d 05:48:16
233371781599 vintage Stanley router plane 1056 - For Parts 0 GBP 29.0 3d 01:56:12
303296744309 Stanley Fence For no.71 Router Plane - Vintage Original. 0 GBP 30.0 3d 09:05:33
352828646431 BOXED RAPIER No 151 SPOKE SHAVE 0 GBP 29.99 6d 04:54:45
283636108672 Stanley 271 Router Plane 0 GBP 30.0 17d 03:20:57
192883756505 Dewalt metal router box 0 GBP 30.0 17d 07:49:01
174057205282 Stanley Router No 71 Fence Only 0 GBP 29.0 17d 09:03:25
174070057805 Stanley Router No 71 Shoe & Rod No71 Plane 0 GBP 30.0 28d 23:10:22
174070064087 Stanley No 71 Router Plane Knobs & Screws Only 0 GBP 30.0 28d 23:18:22
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