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Item #TitleBidsCur.BidTime Left
123779239601 Vintage Decanter--glass Liquor DECANTER--BARWARE-14 1/2 Tall--very Nice Patina! 0 EUR 17.94 3d 03:02:57
123779242834 Vintage Decanter--glass Liquor DECANTER--BARWARE-10 1/2 Tall--very Nice Patina! 0 EUR 16.14 3d 03:04:33
362661990512 Vintage Grün Milch GLASS--DECANTER--BARWARE-13 " Tall--very Nice--great Patina! 0 EUR 13.59 4d 01:20:53
312566575638 Wein Bottle-Glass Decanter-Ruby Rot mit Transparent Stöpsel 0 EUR 28.79 19d 13:40:06
113635546474 RAR! Design Glas Karaffe Glashütte Eisch Handarbeit Label Glass Decanter (F250)x 0 EUR 29.47 22d 05:39:47
392193293312 6x Sherryglas + Karaffe Art Deco graviert liquor Set sherry glass decanter 0 EUR 55.0 23d 20:13:29
192889231622 Jo Malone,Fleurs de la Foret Glass Decanter, 200ml bottle Empty. 0 EUR 6.0 23d 20:20:04
232927577172 3672 Karaffe schwer Art Deco mundgeblasen geschliffen massive decanter cut glass 0 EUR 30.0 23d 22:46:56
153689243764 30cm Art Deco Dekanter Decanter Wein Whisky mundgeblasen color selten vintage 0 EUR 50.0 28d 01:00:33
163657366599 Hand Blown-Italian 597ms- über Sized-Glass Decanter-Wine Bottle-Ice Kammer 0 EUR 26.91 29d 13:45:10
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