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Item #TitleBidsCur.BidTime Left
232101427644 BELLCO GLASS MAGNETIC STIR 1 SUPER DUTY STIRER 7760-10000 0 USD 69.0 12:56:58
123511878289 jintan tester heated magnetic strrer 0 USD 117.0 5d 05:42:21
283502595674 Vita-Mix VM0100 Bar Mixer with Stirer 0 USD 159.0 11d 15:08:41
253553769177 Vtg Danish 1930s Art Deco Cocktail Tea Stirer's Set 6 pcs Leaf Globe Design Rare 0 USD 59.0 15d 17:34:55
400852304901 RANDAHL STERLING 13" PITCHER STIRER - NICELY MADE - MUST SEE 0 USD 64.91 17d 09:34:42
123801679327 Grey Goose Martini Pitcher w/ Stirer & (6) Martini Glassess - All w/ Etched Logo 0 USD 50.0 24d 19:32:35
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